Lily Carter in Interracial Projection Fucking

Lily Carter Porn

Lily Carter has heard about a new fetish – projection fucking, and wants to try it out. She has the perfect movie “speciman” to help
her out.

Lily Carter Tits

Lily Carter’s costar wastes no time in getting down to business. He quickly pulls down her bra as his mighty erection grows.

Lily Carter Sex

Lily Carter gives her best movie starlette look to the camera as she gets manhandled in the first scene.

Lily Carter Blowjob

Lily Carter warms up with a blow job of epic proportions.  She hasn’t had a cock this big or black in a long while.

Lily Carter Reverse Cowgirl

Lily Carter straddles her big costar and slides down onto his giant shaft.

Lily Carter Cowgirl

Lily Carter wants to see the projection show for herself so she rotates around for deeper penetration.

Lily Carter Doggystyle

Lily Carter loves what she sees, and her cockstar wants to see the show too. He stands up to give it to her from behind.

Lily Carter Fucking

Just like the song Ebony and Ivory by Paul McCartney, Lily Carter and her boy toy are two very contrasting sex toys.   She loves
being pounded by his huge black cock, and he loves how tight her small white pussy is around his shaft.  They both enjoy watching
themselves fuck on the big screen too.

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