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I’m in town for a few nights only, and I need to be enter-fucking-tained. And the way I’ve set things up, nothing will match my night tonight. I’ve got two of my favorite porn stars coming over: Lily Carter and Lizz Tayler. And these horny brunettes are gonna do what I’m paying them to do. Lizz is gonna dominate Lily, and then both of them will worship my cock when I pulverize their wet pussies. I’ve even purchased outfits for them, including spiked collars and a chain leash. Sucking, fucking, squirting — this is gonna be a party tonight. And I’ve earned every last fucking drop of it.

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Lily and her family are moving and her friend’s brother is at the house reminiscing about the past. While they walk through the house they also walk through memory lane. Lily comes clean and admits her crush on him and then he tells her the same. Since they are the only two in the house and it’s the last time they’ll have alone together they get to exploring the nooks and crannies of each others’ bodies.

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Johnny goes over to his sister’s place with her friend Lily Carter, and she wants to play cards while his sister is snoozing away. Johnny would rather shoot pool than play Go Fish, but he suggests they play strip poker. Lily would rather play High Card No Pants, which means whoever draws the highest card gets to keep their pants on. Johnny loses and off come his trousers … and on go Lily’s lips! Go Fish turns into Go Fuck!

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Lily and Xander are supposed to be going to a big year end party for their second date together. Heading to the garage she discovers her purple Lamborghini is not there! Her assistant was to have it washed and waxed, and it’s not back. Being the spoiled rich girl that she is, Lily has a complete meltdown, and rejects every idea Xander has about alternate transportation. Finally agreeing to a limo, he calls to arrange it, and then has to deliver the news that it’s going to be 90 minutes before it will arrive, whereupon she has another meltdown. It may only be their second date, but Xander figures the best way to kill some time, and get this rich bitch smiling is to get it on. Luckily for him she finally agrees to one of his ideas and leading him back into the house, they start their second date the best way possible, sex first!

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Lily Carter  and Victoria call Justin, the guy they met at the club last night, and leave a message for him to come over. In the meantime, the girls are horny and start fooling around with each other. Justin eventually arrives and they let him in, but tell him to keep his eyes closed. When it’s time for him to open them, Victoria and Lily are half-naked and ready to fuck. Talk about a pleasant surprise!

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